Success Tips For Students

Let's start with a question and see if you can answer: “ Where is the only place success comes before Work?” Now if you are about to say it’s Turkey. Your extremely humorous like me but let’s get serious. Do we know the answer to the question. If you couldn't guess the answer, read the entire article and you will find your way to the answer!

Of course, success is everyone's dream. Businessmen want to succeed by making money, a high school student wants to succeed by getting into a university of his choice, a middle school student wants to get good grades so he/she can have a fantastic summer break by sunbathing carefree, a farmer wants to succeed by getting products at the harvest he aims. However, although the coefficient of our belief in success is very high, we are watching low averages when it comes to the working dimension.

As you can see, everyone wants to get to the top, but only those with Moses get to the top; People who are hardworking, disciplined and truly believe in their goals deserve success.

My work process that maps my road to success is hidden in the 10 tips listed below, what is yours? The biological rhythm of our body affects our work process. Well, we do work and succeed with a whole system that our body represents, a brain and organs, that the brain manages.


Here are some tips for success:


  1. You must go to bed between 9 to 11 pm, you need to sleep between 7-9 hours depending on your age level. In younger children, it is acceptable to sleep for 12 hours, neither more nor less. Students up to high school, in their early youth period should not exceed these hours. Because by this hour, the daily tasks of the digestive organs come to an end and body cries out for the need to rest. You even start yawning!


  1. Do not sleep, sleep! If you take small sleep breaks of 8-10 minutes, then you will lose your ability to focus after you fall asleep. The body is not designed to sleep for such short and fast periods. If you find that you are napping, reevaluate everything.


  1. Wake up early. 6 o'clock is ideal. It is a fact that due to how our body works, the organisms wake up with the secretion of cortisone at this hour. This awakening is a signal for the body to prepare itself to rise slowly. It is at this time that the metabolism is in complete motion, and energy & protein for the day's work are ready for you.


  1. Always have good breakfast. Carbs fuel the brain for a few hours in the morning, and do not go to the school or the library without breakfast. The most suitable hours of the body to accept breakfast are between 7.00-8.00.


  1. Do not skip meals. If you skip meals, you are bound to fail.


  1. Eliminate distractions from your work environment when you sit down to work. Turn off or mute your phone; do not disturb yourself. If possible, stay away from your smartphones or install an app locker for distracting apps. Do not leave even a penny on your desk. Even that can be distracting.


  1. Set your alarm’s clock for recess. Do not work for too long at a time and take a deliberate break when your alarm goes off. The rest interval helps your brain to consolidate what you have learned and helps you feel as if you are just starting to work after the rest. Otherwise, you will feel tired, and you can lose focus easily.


  1. Steer clear of all other subconscious distractions. Forget such distractors while you are studying. This is one of the most important and overlooked elements of learning. Stay away from mindless television shows and opt for documentaries, motivational sessions, or learn a skill. Why not sign up for a Sparkler Minds course instead? Find a link to the courses at the end of this article. Things happening around the world can be depressing and can emotionally impact your dedication and focus to long-work durations. When switching to news choose wisely, read about what’s trending in technology, education, and environment. 


  1. Stay awake no more than 15-17 hours a day. This is incredibly important. Everyone worries about how much sleep one gets, but there is also a need to stay awake for a certain amount of time only. Effort and work, that is, getting tired, is essential for a sound sleep.


  1. Relax in the evening and at night. Without rest, you lose your ability to focus. You need to provide your brain with appropriate rest time. But remember, this doesn't mean spending endless hours on unproductive screen time. This can be an enemy to success.


Have you found the answer to the question I asked at the beginning of this blog?

Of course ,Turkey is not the only place where success comes before working; let me tell you:


The only place Success comes before Work is in Dictionaries!