The Power Of Our Brain Part 1

Curious to know how human brains THINK and LEARN?


Read through the first part of this interesting topic to get answers to all the questions that may arise, browsing around the two verbs “THINKING” and “LEARNING”.


I am sure that 80% of people reading this lack awareness of the essence of human cognition and learning. Let me explain its true meaning, it is the way in which the brain establishes connections on its way trying to record what is being learned. The skill of logical reasoning is a brilliant example of cognition. Cognition is a very important potential of the brain and does not find the right platform most of the time.


Humans, being one of the “homo sapiens” (means ‘wise man’ in Latin) species possess several capabilities that exceed the abilities of the others. In basic terms, Cognition is the activity of receiving information and grasping it through E.T.S, the experience that was demonstrated in the process of delivery, thoughts that unfolded, and the perception that was picked up.


Cognition being an intellectual activity is a huge umbrella for the tasks of thinking, remembering, and reasoning. The basic principles of human cognition revolve around working on a plan rather than completing topics, interactive approaches, and profitability of the brain.


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DIY (Do it yourself) Activity:

To understand better, spend 5 minutes of your time in this exercise that will help you observe key principles in your own thinking and learning abilities.


The above link has a very basic exercise that focuses on exploring your cognitive process while interacting with visual, memory, and literary skills. At the end of this activity, you will find yourself having better perceptions of learning through cognition.