What Is Continuing Education And Its Importance?

Prophet of Islam Hz. Muhammad (SAV) once said: “Acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave!” This advice emphasizes that, in today's language, the learning process that begins in infancy should continue until death.


Most people stop learning activities after school. It's like hitting your car's brakes while you're speeding on the highway; what will be the result?


Before the Internet—let's call it old times—there was a place for learning. They called it school; a building with walls as we know it, windows, stairs, desks, and a blackboard.

These were physical conditions. There were also the students, who were the reason for the existence of this building, their teachers, and the principals who managed everything.

Schools were closed due to Covid-19. Principals and teachers returned to their homes. The students were already at home. Life stopped in the street.


So, has the learning stopped?




Education and learning continued over the Internet, in virtual lessons and virtual classrooms, together with distance learning systems. It means that learning and education do not have a fixed place. Our ancestors did say for nothing: “Learning has no age, no head, no place!” 


What is Continuing Education?


Every university or official institution has an SEM. SEM; It consists of the initials of the words Continuing Education Center. Continuing education is a term that describes various formal and non-formal learning activities and method


Continuing education is continuous improvement. Think of continuous learning like a double-sided fan. At one end of the spectrum, you want to advance in your career as an adult or further develop your skills and knowledge in certain areas of your profession; You want this development documented as well.


At the other end of the spectrum, continuing to educate yourself without any expectation of documentation; are simple activities such as reading or contributing to your personal development by attending training and seminars.


There is no right or wrong choice here. The main goal is to find out which option is best for you in terms of learning and how you can apply it to your daily life.


In the end, self-learning is the result of the pursuit of knowledge or skill development.


Remember that continuing education extends to identifying your learning needs to take the next step in your professional life, to doing research based on your learning and interests.

There is something you can learn from everyone and from every experience you have in your life. But to begin to grasp these lessons, you must first appreciate them with pre-acceptance.

In order for us to continue learning, we must be open to the opportunities presented to us. Learning is like laying bricks on top of each other. You could call it knowledge building



Why is Continuing Education Important?


If we don't understand why continuing education is important, any obstacle we choose to avoid can make us lose our motivation. In this respect, we can say the following about the importance of continuing education:


1-) Strengthens Your Compliance with Professional Standards


There are those who need continuous training, especially those who need to stay up-to-date with their knowledge and skills. This type of training supports people's professional careers. It also ensures compliance with laws, standards and certifications in professional matters.

They need such opportunities to start a career in their field of interest.


2-) It gives you the desire to learn more about the things you are passionate about


Continuing education has another importance when it comes to those who want to learn about non-professional subjects out of pure curiosity. Continuing education enables people to learn more about what they are passionate about. This effect can take various forms. Constantly educating yourself can give you the confidence boost you need. In a particular field of knowledge, it can serve as a foundation for the next step you want to take.


Sometimes people are not fully aware of their passions in life. By reading this article, you are in the lucky group. Because “you are aware!”


3-) It gives opportunities to meet people.


Another importance of continuing education is that it offers opportunities to meet other people. In a world where having a large social network is highly valued, continuing education is essential to expanding your social network. In addition to making new friends in your field, the contribution of the people you met in the consolidation of learning is great. It allows you to start chasing your passions and orient yourself to the future you will enjoy making it a reality.


Conclusion: Don't Leave Your Future To Chance!


Finally; Now you should know the importance of continuing education both professionally and personally. This way, you can take your life where you really want to be and be where you want to be.


Hopefully, now that you've read this article, you have a better answer to your doubts about continuing education.